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June 8, 2009


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EDIT 5/11/2014: Guys. GUYS. STAAAHHHP. This journal is fucking FIVE YEARS OLD, and that's about how old all of you are acting. I would say sorry for ~ruining your life~ by venting about your favorite sparkly animoo, but I'm not. And if your whole identity is really tied up in a fucking fandom, you have serious issues. Seek help. Disabling comments when I can, because whether you're trying to prove some stupid point to me, defend me, or logic this out with me, you're all equally retarded. Go home, boys and girls, show's over!

So a few friends have been asking me lately what I've got against this inexplicably popular series that seems to have popped up recently called Axis Powers Hetalia. They love it... and I HATE it. Hate it hate it hate it!!! But the mere fact that it fills me with boiling rage everytime I think about it is not a good enough reason for them, so I guess I'll try to piece together why it pisses me off so very much. -I'm- not even entirely sure why I dislike it so much, so this'll be a learning experience for everyone involved, hmm? :)

First off: the concept. Yes, it's kind of a cute idea. Anthropomorphization of anything can be fun if done well. The problem is, it's not done well. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the series wasn't so fucking popular. You can get away with some historical errors if you're a little podunk webcomicker with a solid twelve fans, but not if your series is so big that it gets turned into an anime. And the whole WWII thing is just in bad taste, especially coming from Japan, a country that, to this day, tends to deny any wrongdoing in WWII. And that's certainly not me hating on Japan, that's just a fact.

Second, the characters. Jesus-fucking-Christ-on-a-cross, the goddamn motherfucking characters. Talk about the most uninspired, unoriginal, impossible to tell apart, two-dimensional, and flat-out insulting cast of characters you've ever seen!! It pisses me off both as an artist and as a writer to see so much praise heaped upon such bland, poorly-designed characters. Yes, you can argue that they're supposed to be stereotypes or something and ignore the fact that none of them have any sort of engaging personality. Fine. Whatever. Have your Sues and eat them too. But couple that with the genericness of their aesthetic design and the already-poor art style of the original comic and you have a perfect piss-off-Lissa cocktail. Note to any budding artists out there: changing the hair/eye color/style of a person DOES NOT A NEW CHARACTER MAKE. If people tend to confuse your characters with each other, you are doing it. Fucking. Wrong.

Third, the history. Listen, Mr. Hotshot-Hetalia-Writer, if you're not going to do your fucking research, don't get anywhere NEAR the subject of world history to "satirize" (and APH is not satire, as this Deviant's journal kindly points out). The history of any given country, particularly of the powers involved in WWII, is a touchy, objective, and sometimes downright painful subject. To not handle the matter with care is a surefire way to piss off anyone whose life has been affected by things like the Holocaust or the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or September 11th. If I've heard correctly, the comic completely glosses over the Holocaust. It's a comic about fucking World War II. Either include ALL of the war, both what little good is there to be found and the bad, or don't fucking cover the war at all. See what I mean? The very idea of trying to make light of such a dark part of history is incredibly offensive... and that's coming from someone who, to my knowledge, hasn't really been affected by WWII. Hell, I don't even give a damn about history and I don't claim to know much about it, I nearly failed that class a couple times. But I DO care about making fun of people who have done nothing wrong, and a LOT of innocents were wronged in that war. To pretend their suffering just didn't happen for the sake of entertainment is nothing short of despicable.

And I've saved the pettiest reason I hate Hetalia for last: the fucking fandom. I'll readily admit that mainstream anything tends to piss me off. Not always, but pretty damn often. I wouldn't even call Hetalia "mainstream," but it's popping up in enough places I frequent to REALLY get under my skin, DeviantART being the biggest offender here. A few people don't care for Hetalia because they're squicked by the yaoi it spawns. Well guess what? I love yaoi, and that's yet another reason I'm so pissed off by APH!! It's one thing to pair up fictional characters from a story and another entirely to slash entire countries with one another... and be entirely serious when you do so. If you were poking fun in an Encyclopedia Dramatica sort of way, fine by me. "OLOLOL THAT COUNTRY IS SO THAT OTHER COUNTRY'S BITCH LOLOL" and move on. But then people write fanfics and draw fanart of these bishounen that are supposed to represent countries and make them boink? And they actually try to make it serious? Excuse me?? I'm sorry, but the idea of countries even being attracted to one another is one I find so absurd as to be laughable. Countries, even anthropomorphized ones, do not have "relationships" with each other. It's all strictly business. Sure, you CAN twist all that around to fit your sparklypoo slashfics, but then you come right back to the issue of that whole "pissing off people" thing. Let's insult an entire generation of people for a silly little yaoi story. That sounds like a wonderful idea. :|

So there you have it, my overly wordy explanation for my anti-Hetalia-ness. All of that, plus the fact that I'm just really fucking sick of hearing about/seeing APH everywhere. Sane, rational people are treating this series like it's the best fucking thing to ever happen ever and that sentiment is pissing me off. It's not cute, it's not clever, it's not well-done, and no matter how many times you say otherwise, the fandom is fucking retarded... as most fandoms are.

And now I'm going to go read some nice, unoffensive, plotless yaoi to cool my rage - yaoi that is nothing more than two guys that are hot and want to sex it up. Nothing deeper than that. WHICH IS HOW IS SHOULD BE DAMMIT.
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aetherialTrickster Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
The fandom is the worst.
UsamiHotaru Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Um.......Dude, Hetalia is about countries and their friendships. You don't see Hitler there, right? Or Germany torturing those poor victims of Holocaust and Italy jumping out saying: "Ahaha Doitsu, i want to try too!" , right? Hetalia is about nations. People or History are there too, but they don't play a important role. Nations are strong. They went throught so many things, but they keep smiling and laughing. Italy Chibi (Cute Face) [V1] 

Germany and Italy are friends, England raised America, Allies and Axis and their friendships, Holy Roman Empire and Chibi Italy..... 

So why are you insulting it? I'm not asking you to like it, either. But it will be cool if you could understand those things. I personally don't like some Animes, but i'm not writing some rude comments about them, either. Why are you so rude? And the fact that we like Hetalia, doesn't mean that we are retards, thank you very much. Russia (Says Hi) [V2] 

Sorry about my grammar mistakes.
pepelepewhtf Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I was in the fandom, but then I MOVED AWAY FROM IT. My ex friend is a HUGE hetard and claims that she knows history because she watches Hetalia. And believe me when I say this, but Hetalia is all that she watches. LITERALLY! She'll watch anything else and tell me she hates it. I'm a HUGE fan of Soul Eater, and that is her LEAST FAVORITE ANIME. Whenever I talk about it, she keeps saying that the Soul Eater fandom is slowly decreasing and the Hetalia fandom is increasing and how Hetalia is better than Soul Eater and all that shit.... I felt like I was the only one who hated Hetalia.... but now I see..
Itzcc Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014
Honestly, I can't help but say, that all of this is pretty accurate. Yes, I absolutely ADORE Hetalia, but still. This is pretty dayum true.
Graandpa Featured By Owner Edited Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Guys, this is just an anime/manga. No need to make a big deal out of it. Respect each others opinions and don't hate.
UsamiHotaru Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014
Fine. Being rude, then appologize. Yes, that´s me. Anyway, i´m sorry for being rude. My common sense is back. I still love Hetalia thought. But mewtaila made some people hate Hetalia. That´s my favourite anime. I could not hold my anger back. Anyway, reading the replies to my rants, you could see, that there are still Hetalians with common senses. Ok, if you all are still angry at me, i´m still waiting for your rants. Estonia emote 
Katie9899 Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... well... eh....
As a hetalian myself I am biased. Although I do have my own personal reasons for disliking the show. I personally back up all of my evidence before starting an arguement, however I won't need to for this.
I dislike the incest it inspires incest. UsUk, Spamano, stuff like that. (This is more of the fandom's fault though)
I alternatively like that it actively supports gay rights.
I dislike that it's not historically accurate.
I like that it does at least reference the holocaust in the first episode by Germany saying not to mock his past.
I dislike the lack of female characters.
I like that female characters are treated with respect.
I love that Himaruya goes out of his way to make female Italy strong, despite her male counterpart is weak. Featuring girl empowerment.
I love that it's Japan's take on the situation not America's.
Face it, American history is way biased. 
I love that a person that with a lack of drawing talent as you say, inspires people who aren't that good at drawing to continue and even if they get the littlest bit better and get a good idea they can make a show that drives this kind of attention.
Yes it can be considered offensive, but so can so many other things you have to take the good with the bad in everything. 
Yes I agree there is way too much Hetalia stuff. I must've flipped through thirty pages of groups on deviantart.
Yes it does gloss over World war two, but considering that it is a show meant for teens the writer can and does assume that people already learnt about it so he can go over other aspects of history.

Lastly. It's very, very, hard to take any argument (I don't care if it's a rant) seriously when you curse. You don't need a curse to get your point across and quite frankly it debunks your argument and make you seem childish. Now if you don't want people to respond to this. Then don't write stuff that is sure to trigger people. Keep it to yourself. I personally do hope people comment on my comment and I do hope they can enlighten me about their thoughts on the topic in a nice mature way.
DonutTurtles Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student General Artist
Used to love this series, then someone at school put me off
Soltakama Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Then there's a new character introduced to the series and his name is Armageddon. He is armed with a sniper rifle called Big Bad Meteor and loves to 360 trickshot. He goes on a massacre and slays all the Hetalia allegories and nobody except him survives. That should totally happen, yet Himaruya has other plans. Dammit.
Russia-Love Featured By Owner Edited Jul 27, 2014
ok! fan or not, most of you are acting like whining 13 yearolds during a mental crisis. Ibarely see any mature people in this comment section. If this person wants to assume all fans are yaoi crazed lunatics then let this person bitch on and on about a tv show for years to come. I honestly don't give 1 flying fuck. I'm amazed you're still commenting after a whole 5 fucking years. Get a fucking hobby, a job, and a life and move on.
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